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Welcome to our stage program powered by #GamesCapitalBerlin!

Whether you are in the mood for a Keynote about the history of esports, a Fireside Chat with AWS, a Panel discussion about worker cooperatives, or free drinks – we got you covered.


13:00 — 14:30


Berlin-Brandenburg Reception


Jeannine Koch, CEO 
medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V.

Sofia Saa, Film und Medien Attachée
Institut francais Germany

Official Opening of the booth with welcoming words by Jeannine Koch, State Secretary Michael Biel, and Carole Lunt, featuring an exquisite fusion of traditional Berlin specialties and French delicacies.

17:30 — 18:30

Panel discussion

Games Cooperatives in Berlin – Democracy at work


Johannes Knop, Chairman

Ente, Graphic Art • Game Design • Narration
Purple Sloth

Radow, Programming • Game Design • Narration • UI/UX
Purple Sloth

Rutger Harder, Game Design • Programming
Roost Games

Berlin is emerging as a hotspot and international meeting point for game studios that try a new yet ancient form of collaborative work: The worker cooperative.
In this panel, the speakers will introduce the concept of worker cooperatives in game development, will talk about why they want to work in them, how they differ from start-ups, about politics, games, and answer your questions.


10:00 — 11:00

fireside chat

Scaling Mobile Games with AWS Cloud


Matthias Höchsmann, CEO
Calumna Games

Abir Roy, Principal Business Development Manager
AWS for Games

In this fireside chat with Matthias Hoechsmann from mobile games studio Calumma and Abir Roy from AWS for Games, both based in Berlin, you will learn about the new studio Calumma from co-founder Matthias Hoechsmann and his previous successful exists to Zynga and Jam City. We will discuss how AWS was used in Matthias past ventures and explore how Calumma is using Generative AI in their game development cycle and discuss current and future developments in the mobile games industry, while sharing lessons learned.

14:00 — 14:30


How It Started vs. How It’s Going: Gaming and Esports


Marija Haenisch, Director of Marketing
Freaks 4U Gaming

More than a meme, this presentation is a down the memory lane of how gaming and esports has evolved to become the largest form of entertainment, while reflecting on the industry-defining changes and offering insights on brand communication best practices. 

17:30 — 19:00


Indie Checkout Drinks hosted by YOURE

Free drinks. Good vibes. YOURE believes that gaming needs a rethink. That it's time to experience digital freedom in a new way, by combining gaming and blockchain. YOURE wants to support like-minded indie game developers and publishers in the evolution of gaming. YOURE gives them the opportunity to benefit from the company’s know-how and support. Interested in driving change? Come on over and join us!

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